Nuns on the Bus:
The Interactive Experience

Explore the stops on the map and create your own Nuns on the Bus tour.

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College Park, MD
WE CAN is a national network based in College Park, MD. Our Board, staff, and volunteers invite your participation in our activities. Join or create an Action Team to mobilize your family and friends locally. Take action every Monday when we publish a current call to action in our Mobilize Monday blog. Listen to our podcast, The Sister Source, to hear first-hand how women of color are creating change in their communities. Together WE CAN transform our communities!
Stephanie McGencey, President/Founder
Create Your Own Tour to Color In Your Ticket!
For each stop you visit, your bus ticket (below) will start to color in. Make a tour with 30 stops to color in the entire bus! You must register and be logged in to collect pieces. Have fun!
Stops Completed: