Nuns on the Bus 2020:
The Interactive Experience

We are giving you a ticket to ride this year's Nun on the Bus! Explore the stops on the map to learn the importance of being a Multi-Issue Voter and why Who We Elect Matters.

Meet a Nun on the Bus

Sister Sharon Altendorf, PBVM

Union of Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, US Province
San Antonio, TX
"I have always been a multi-issue voter. Because as a child, we learned in social justice studies, that our church encouraged us to participate in everything that had to do to work for the common good."
Create Your Own Tour to Color In Your Ticket!
For each stop you visit, your bus ticket (below) will start to color in. Color in the entire 30-piece bus to earn free swag! You must register and be logged in to collect pieces. Have fun!
Stops Completed: