Nuns on the Bus:
The Interactive Experience

Explore the stops on the map and create your own Nuns on the Bus tour.

Meet a Nun on the Bus

Sister Quincy Howard, OP

Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa
Govt. Relations Specialist & Coordinating Director at NETWORK and Faithful Democracy
Washington, DC
Sr. Quincy Howard, OP serves as the Coordinating Director of advocacy, outreach and campaigns for the Faithful Democracy coalition. Sr. Quincy also works on the Government Relations team at NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice in Washington, DC advancing NETWORK’s Access to Democracy agenda with congressional lawmakers and their staff. Sr. Quincy’s prior professional experience incorporates community development, policy analysis, urban planning, disaster recovery and resilience, and environmental advocacy. A professed Catholic sister of the Dominican Order, she is passionate about advocating for the common good and the call to protect and serve the most vulnerable members of society. She grew up in the piney woods of east Texas and her Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa are based in southwest Wisconsin on the Mississippi River.
Create Your Own Tour to Color In Your Ticket!
For each stop you visit, your bus ticket (below) will start to color in. Make a tour with 30 stops to color in the entire bus! You must register and be logged in to collect pieces. Have fun!
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