Nuns on the Bus:
The Interactive Experience

Explore the stops on the map and create your own Nuns on the Bus tour.


Nuns on the Bus will visit social service agencies and community organizations to learn how changes in federal policy since 2016 have affected their work and their communities.

We are an Anishinaabe, Two-Spirit, and sober led grassroots organization based in Anishinaabe Aki (Michigan). We are a three year old organization and growing exponentially. Our staff and core volunteers all walk a sober road. We emphasize healing and sobriety in our leadership as a true form of decolonization. Our social and racial justice work is led by and for our people and communities. We emphasize centering Native people in racial justice and decolonization through our various programs. Our work is about our people and the transformation within the individual, family, and community as everyday resistance. Our staff, interns, and volunteers are equipped with various life experiences, education, tools, skills, and resources to do this critical work in Anishinaabe Aki and beyond!

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