Nuns on the Bus 2020:
The Interactive Experience

We are giving you a ticket to ride this year's Nun on the Bus! Explore the stops on the map to learn the importance of being a Multi-Issue Voter and why Who We Elect Matters.

State Demographics
63.7% The % of voters in the state who voted for president in 2016
22% The % of adults in the state who are Catholic
61.1% The % of the state's population who live in rural areas
9.4% The state's unemployment rate (June 2020)
$23.36 The hourly wage needed to afford a 2BR apt in the state
30.7% The % of female-headed families in the state living in poverty
12.1% The % of children in the state living in poverty
6% The % of adults (19-64) who do not have health insurance
6.8% The % of the adult population in the state reporting food scarcity (July 2020)
12.3% The % of the adult population in the state reporting housing insecurity (July 2020)
Sources: National Womens Law Center, U.S. Elections Project, Pew Religion and Public Life, U.S. Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Household Pulse Survey, Kaiser Family Foundation
Create Your Own Tour to Color In Your Ticket!
For each stop you visit, your bus ticket (below) will start to color in. Color in the entire 30-piece bus to earn free swag! You must register and be logged in to collect pieces. Have fun!
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